Pickleball Books to Improve your Game  – Take your Game to the Next Level

Pickleball Books to Improve Your Game

There is no doubt in the fact that one can enhance his or her pickleball skills by putting hours of effort into training. However, there are alternate ways to level up your pickleball. We know you might be wondering “But how can I get better at pickleball without actually playing pickleball?”. That’s where we come … Read more

What is a Volley In Pickleball? Rules, Strategies, & Mistakes

What Is Volley In Pickleball

Since there has been a major transition of players moving from other racket sports to pickleball, one question kept popping up these days constantly that is “what is a volley in a pickleball?”   Well, Volleys are one of the interesting, difficult, crazy, yet game-changing shots in pickleball. In simple words, they are just the … Read more

What are the 5 Rules of Pickleball?

What Are The 5 Rules Of Pickleball

Frankly speaking, who doesn’t know how to play pickleball? Nearly everyone. But who knows about the rules of pickleball? Hardly a few. Because it’s a combination of the majority of the racket sports, hence a large number of players won’t like to go to the bits and pieces of pickleball. Not to worry about it, … Read more

Pickleball Terms | Definitions & Glossary

Pickleball Terms

Kitchen, chop, OPA…! And you were probably not expecting these words on a sports court, right? Well, surprisingly though, these are some of the pickleball terms which are kind of weird but interesting. Not so surprisingly, you are not the first one to find these terms and definitions unique and fortunately, you’re at the right … Read more